Renew Worship Tennessee

Eldad Friday 2012Renew Worship TN is a blog dedicated to reflecting worship practices observed in Tennessee Baptist churches, and espousing practices that appear to foster healthy, spirited worship in these churches.  This blogsight is meant to serve alongside the blog at, which is also authored by Dr. Paul Clark Jr., Director of Worship & Music Ministries for Tennessee Baptist Convention.  Whereas the tune my heart blog seeks to afford thoughts on worship renewal, congregational singing, and other worship issues that are applicable in the larger orthodox evangelical tradition, the matters in this Renew Worship TN blog are more specific to Tennessee Baptist churches particularly.  Frequent references will be made to Tennessee Baptist churches, and persons within Tennessee Baptist life will be noted by name and church affiliation as appropriate.  I should note that although any Tennessee Baptist church’s worship may be featured or reflected upon in this blog, a tendency to reflect worship practices within those churches whose leaders engage with other Tennessee Baptist worship ministry leaders in fellowship and common missions and ministry activity.

Since the primary author of Renew Worship TN is the Director of Worship & Music Ministries for TBC, it naturally follows that his service in TBC churches directly related to seeking worship renewal will likely be reported, often with some thick description.  As such, this reporting is not intended to hold up those churches and leaders where such ministries take place as being somehow above other churches and leaders, but rather, these reportings will be intended to benefit the broader spectrum of churches.

It should also be noted that the blog’s author serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention under the leadership of the Executive Director.  Attention will therefore be given to ways that worship practices might support the ministry strategies and emphasis of convention leadership.  While care will be taken not to turn the blog into a convention ministries promotional piece, there will be an unapologetic underscoring of ways convention ministries can serve the larger purposes of worship renewal within the churches of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

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